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How do I create a help desk ticket?
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Go to

Click the Open a New Ticket button


On the Open a New Ticket Screen enter your contact information. You must enter a valid email address and your full name. Providing a phone number is optional.


Help Topic - Choose the topic that best describes your help request.

Help Topic Explanation
Computer/Tech Support

Computer and Tech Support requests. Computer or device not working as expected, unable to access internet on specific device, trouble accessing software, keyboard not responding, etc. 

G Suite & GMail support

Report issues or request help with the Google Suite tools (Gmail, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Docs, etc.)

Printer Issue Report printing problems, or request help configuring printers
Network or WiFi Issue Report network or WiFi issues affecting more than one computer or device. Use Computer/Tech Support if the issue is limited to a single device
Phone Problem Report issues with Phones or Voicemail
QSS/ESS Support Request support for ESS (Employee Self Service portal), or the QSS/QCC budget system.
Illuminate Support Request support for the Illuminate Student Information System or Data and Assessment Systems.
Website Update Request Request additions, or updates to the District Website.
Feedback Offer feedback regarding technology issues, or technology support
General Inquiry Make a general inquiry related to technology or report issues not related to the topics offered above.

Ticket Details

Ticket Details Description
Reported Location

(Required) School or site where the issue is being reported, or where you are primarily assigned.

Room or Office (Optional) The room number or office location
Issue Summary A short summary of the issue you are reporting. This summary will be used to identify the ticket in email communications.
Issue Description Use the form to provide details about the issue. You can include rich text (bold, italics, underline, etc.) attachments and inline images. 


Create Ticket

When you have finished entering your request be sure to click the Create Ticket



Once you have successfully created the ticket, you will be directed to a confirmation of the ticket request being created. You will also receive an email 


The original osTicket documentation is available here:

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