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How do I access my pay stub and W2 information?
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How to access your pay stub and W2 information

Once you are logged in, click on My Info on the left hand side below the picture.

The tabs provide read-only access to the data. The six Tabs are: Personnel Info, Pay History, Leave, W2/ACAs. (The other tabs are not active.)

To access your pay stub:

Click on the PAYROLL tab and then select PAY HISTORY.
Then click YES to view image next to the specific check you are requesting to view.


To access your W-2:

Click on the W2/ACA tab.Then click on 2018 to open the PDF of your W-2. ESS is slow — be patient, especially this time of year. You can then print or save your W-2.


Note: This information is read-only. If you need to change your address or other information contact Human Resources. Leave information may not reflect recent absences.

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